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Never regret your decision to amputate.

Whether struck by cancer, or a speeding car, every dog’s story is different when it comes to amputation. The one common thread among all tripawds is that their people are faced with very difficult decisions, which often must be made very quickly and have life-changing results. The best advice we can give to anyone facing these hard choices is to do your homework, prepare the worst, hope for the best, and above all never regret the decisions you make on behalf of your furry friend.

Without Regret is the first book we read after second-guessing our own decisions to proceed with Jerry’s amputation after his osteosarcoma diagnosis. It helped us greatly to come to terms with the rapid decisions we had to make on his behalf. The book helped us realize that Jerry didn’t have regrets, so why should we? Fear of the future, regrets about the past, these are just silly human emotions. Dogs live in the moment, every moment. And since we must make these important care decisions for them, we should follow their lead and be prepared to live with the choices we make.

Without Regret is a useful and informative guide for anyone who owns, interacts, lives with, loves, or is curious about canine amputees. It is also a moving tribute to these canine survivors and those who love them. It is a unique and practical book containing many photographs that demonstrate the strength and heart of both canine amputees and their owners.

When read before proceeding with an amputation, it will help in understanding everything one might expect from the surgery. During recovery, readers will discover a number of tips to make things easier on them and the dog. Most importantly, it will help readers come to terms with the choices the face, or have already made.

But don’t take our word about not having regrets. For feedback and advice from the many Tripawds members who have no regrets about their treatment decisions, check out these two popular topics in the Tripawds Discussion Forums:

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