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Book Review: Cambium and the Life of Lanagan Murphy

Cambium: and the Life of Lanagan Murphy

by Chris Grayling

“What if the dogs and cats we choose to be our pets actually choose us instead? Is it possible that the animals that come into our lives were predestined to do so? What is the lesson to be learned from each animal we encounter and which of us is the teacher?”

In this world, there are people who keep animals as pets, and then there are those of us who make them a part of our family. We suspect that if you are here at Tripawds, you’re part of the second group, which leads us to believe that you will love Cambium: and the Life of Lanagan Murphy,” a book by Chris Grayling.

We had no idea what to expect from this book when Chris sent it to us. But as soon as we dove into it, we knew the book would touch our hearts. At Tripawds, we really believe that our companion animals come into our lives for a reason, to teach us lessons we cannot learn anywhere else. This book examines that theory, in a beautiful and touching way that animal lovers can appreciate.

Cambium” is pure escapism, but if you are as enamored of talking animal movies as we are, you’re going to love this story. The book begins with a heartwarming, beautiful description of the animal afterlife that we all wish for our departed animal companions to be a part of. In this world, the Everlife, a timeless character named Cambium is responsible for helping spirit animals return to earth, where they teach humans character-building lessons of varying difficulty.

Lanagan Murphy is one such dog. On a snowy night, he unexpectedly arrives in William Colbert’s life. His new human is a lonely businessman who never had time to really love anyone, much less a dog. But Colbert opens his heart to the pawsitive changes that a dog can bring, and Murphy teaches him life lessons about friendship, trust and companionship during their time together.

Cambium: and the Life of Lanagan Murphy is great bedtime reading, and is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face as you drift off to sleep imagining your own Tripawd frolicking about in the Everlife.

Chris Grayling is an author from Arkansas, and founder of “Paws To Love Me” a non-profit group that encourages pet owners to neuter and spay their dogs and cats, by offering financial incentives such as free and low cost pet care services and products.

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