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Book of the Week: Angel Dogs with a Mission

We believe that all dogs have a purpose on this planet. While humans may spend a lifetime struggling to find their reason for existence, dogs intuitively seem to know what their reason for being is, if given the opportunity.

The book “Angel Dogs with a Mission; Divine Messengers in Service to All Life,” illustrates this beautifully in twenty different stories of heroic working dogs.

In “Angel Dogs with a Mission,” authors Allen and Linda Anderson have published a collection of beautiful stories about dogs who have touched the lives of many.

From Abdul, the first official service dog for physically challenged humans, to Kobi, a yellow Lab who became one of the most famous cancer-sniffing dogs in the world. These first hand accounts written by their pawrents will touch your heart as you learn about their dedication, smarts and gifts to humanity.

Amazing Abdul’s Story

Written by Karrill Knaus-Hardy, you’ll learn the story of Abdul, an overly rambunctious dog who, despite the initial skepticism of the world at large, became the world’s first trained service dog. Knaus-Hardy writes about the day her family saw the potential in this special dog:

“For my whole life, whenever people were gone too long, without anyone at home to turn on the lights, I’d have to sit in my wheelchair and watch the room dim and fade to black as the sun set. Naturally my family was worried about poor Kerry being stuck in the dark while they were in town.

When they returned home this time though, they found me sitting in the house with all the lights on, watching television. I had also eaten dinner. With great satisfaction I asked, “Why were you so worried? I had Abdul turn on the lights and give me the television remote control. He opened the refrigerator and brought me some food. With this, they were actually seeing a service dog in action performing practical tasks.. . . he had won them over.”

In “Angel Dogs with a Mission“, you’ll also read about the incredible work of Kobi, a young dog who became one of only five service dogs being trained to detect cancer as part of a special study. In the study, clinicians were utilizing dogs’ keen sense of smell to detect breast and lung cancer in the exhaled breath of cancer patients. Kobi seemed to have been given this amazing gift even at a young age; he could detect cancer with about 90 percent accuracy.

“Once in a while we went to a dog park, and Kobi honed in on a person and barked . . . It was a moral dilemma, because I didn’t want to alarm someone by saying that Kobi thought the person might have cancer. It’s my understanding that dogs can detect cancer even before medical equipment and tests can diagnose it. The person Kobi identified might get tested medically but be at a too-early stage for cancer diagnosis and therefore think nothing was wrong.”

We think these stories are worth reading, even if Jerry’s tale wasn’t included in this book! To give you some background; two years ago the authors contacted us to learn more about Jerry, but ultimately decided that his story wasn’t a good fit for their project. We’d have to argue that point, but we’ll definitely agree with them on one thing; we loved “Angel Dogs with a Mission anyways!

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