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Tripawds Seeking Apocaps Feedback

Back in March, we told you about Apocaps, Dr. Demian Dressler’s new nutritional supplement for cancer dogs.

Some pawrents discussed Apocaps in the Forums and on the Tripawds Facebook fan page, but we haven’t heard any specific feedback about how it’s working for Tripawds.

We’d like to know: if your Tripawd is taking Apocaps CX Apoptogen Formula for Dogs, what do you think about it?

  • Do you believe Apocaps has improved your Tripawd’s quality of life?
  • Has your pup experienced any negative reactions to Apocaps?
  • Would you recommend Apocaps to others?

Please help other Tripawd pawrents learn from your experience, by sharing your feedback in the comments section below, or here in the Tripawds Nutrition blog post about Apocaps.

Because Tripawds will only link to products we truly believe in, we’d like to know if Apocaps is something we can wholeheartedly recommend to other pawrents. Tripawds loves Dr. Dressler’s approach to cancer therapy, so we have thus far endorsed Apocaps. But because our spokesdawg Wyatt Ray doesn’t have cancer, we can’t test it ourselves, which is why others’ feedback on dog cancer therapy products is critical. Thanks for taking the time to share your experience!

(If you haven’t tried Apocaps, you can read more about  this dog cancer nutraceutical here in our original Nutrition post).

24 thoughts on “Tripawds Seeking Apocaps Feedback”

  1. I was literally just going to post in the forums asking this very thing! Weird. Really weird.

    Anyway … we are considering putting Harley on Apocaps, but it since it would be quite expensive for a dog his size, we were curious as to what anyone with experience had to say as well.

  2. I have Maggie on it. First bottle down and another one on order. I’m sorry I can’t really provide any negative or postive feedback, however! But I will continue to give it to her along with her 4Life Transfer Factor Complete.

    Tracy, Maggie’s Mom

  3. Hey Tracy, well anything helps so if you remember, do check back here and add feedback when you feel it’s warranted. Thanks!

    And Harley….well, I guess we are psychic or something! That IS weird.

  4. Well, we can’t use Apocaps until Harley’s platelets return to normal, due to clotting issues and Apocaps, but one comment I do have on this product …

    From my limited time dealing with dog cancer, doesn’t it seem most cancer dogs are larger dogs? Now I realize not all are, but it just seems the majority are bigger dogs, which brings me to my beef with Apocaps … 60.1 lbs and over and you must give 3 pills, 3 times per day = 9 pills/day total. There are only 90 pills in the bottle, so you must buy a new bottle every 10 days (plus you have to shove 9 pills down your dog’s throat per day; pills which must be given with no, or as little possible, food).

    I do realize this is a new product, just thought it would nice if they would have a larger bottle & larger pill size available for us bigger dogs (and maybe a price break for buying in bulk). Also, from an environmental side, it would be nice to not have to throw away so much packaging every 10 days.

  5. I do agree with you Gwen. I actually had Maggie on the 60 lb. dosage but she weighs 65 lbs. I just couldn’t afford to do 9 capsules a day. It’s kinda like the K9Immunity costs/dosages.

    BTW, Gwen, I have ceased giving it to Maggie because of the lack of being able to use NSAIDS with it… I don’t give Maggie NSAID’s regularly but this week she hurt her back and I dearly wanted to give her one BUT didn’t dare to with the Apocaps.


  6. We’re with you on that. Jerry was a 75 pound pup and the supplements meds for him did tend to cost more because of his size.

    Although most dogs with bone cancer are larger, we do see many instances of smaller dogs who get it. Statistics say it’s a big dog disease but honestly we’ve seen dogs of all sizes get it.

    Meanwhile, Tracy, thanks for the feedback about Apocaps and NSAIDs. Although the Apocaps website says “Concurrent use of drugs having anti inflammatory effects should be avoided or used only with caution at reduced doses,” we want to find out exactly why. We’ve put an email out to Dr. Dressler hoping that he or one of his staff members will get back to us.

    And yes, I DO agree, bulk discounts need to be given, especially since big dogs do make up the majority of patients using these supplements.

    Thanks for your feeback, we’ll be sure to update you on the NSAIDs and as soon as we know of any bulk discount quantities, I promise we’ll publish the news here.

  7. Hi everyone,
    Thought I should chime in here. Apocaps has some NSAID effects in the natural compounds used in the supplement. For this reason, I thought it would be safest to advise dog lovers to decrease the dose of either the drug NSAID or the natural source NSAID’s in Apocaps if they were to be used together.
    I wanted to avoid having a situation like if a person took both full doses of aspirin and Tylenol, mainly to avoid digestive upset. This was more of a precaution than anything else, since there are now dogs using Apocaps literally around the world and I wanted to be very , very safe in my instructions.
    I usually drop the dose down to 1/4 or 1/2 of the full dose. If the drug NSAID helps a lot with quality of life, you may drop the Apocaps dose.
    However, keep in mind that the majority of dogs feel better after 2-4 weeks of Apocaps with their orthopedic discomfort. So, unlike a drug, there is a bit of a ramp-up over time.
    I have had a number of patients able to go off drug NSAIDS totally after a couple of weeks of tapering the drug, while upping the dose of Apocaps to the recommended dose.
    I hope this clarifies any confusion.
    Another topic I should address is the big dog pill number issue. We are lining up to make a larger strength capsule in the pipeline for all the large dogs out there. Meanwhile, we have been experimenting with bulk discounts to see what the interest is.
    Wishing everyone the very best, and a cheer of encouragement to all the courageous and wonderful Tripawds out there.
    Dr D

  8. Thank you for your response Dr. Dressler! So, in my dog’s case, she rarely gets NSAID’s but if I put her back on Apocaps and say she hurts herself and I want to give her an NSAID to help with pain relief…is it safe to give her the NSAID and then just skip the next dose of Apocaps? I was just scared because if I remember correctly, the directions on the bottle said to wait for several days between NSAID and Apocaps?

    My dog had already been on Apocaps for 1 1/2 bottles(60 lb dog dosage) and then she strained her back, so I wanted to give her an NSAID but I didn’t dare to due to the warning on the Apocaps instructions…


  9. It’s been over a year and the Apocaps price has not come down. There are no bulk discounts and so far there still is not a larger capsule to reduce the 9-capsule-a-day requirement. I did not realize when I first ordered Apocaps that my 30-day price would be $180 instead of the $60 advertised price. If the price doesn’t come down considerably or a larger capsule isn’t made available to reduce the cost, I will be forced to stop using the Apocaps as they are cost prohibitive for dogs weighing more than 20 pounds.

  10. I have not observed any noticeable improvements in my dog since beginning Apocaps, but my dog does not enjoy eating as much as he did before Apocaps and the new diet.
    Making the conversion from a commercial dog food diet after 5 years to a homecooked diet was terribly expensive and quite a challenge in many ways. It’s been five weeks and my dog is still refusing to eat the home cooked diet. I’ve tried many different techniques, recommended ingredients, etc. I originally tried to give enzymes and supplements in the food, but that only made him distrust the food. I no longer add anything to his food accept the food, but he eats less than half at each meal.
    I have noticed more energy and peaceful sleep in my overweight dog. She is finally losing weight without any pharmacueticals after two years of the weight loss battle, but she is not on Apocaps.
    I cannot say I’d recommend the Apocaps, but I do recommend the home cook diet Dr. Dressler recommends if you can afford it and if your dog will eat it. As a result of my personal experience, I would be cautious concerning Dr. Dressler’s recommendation to add supplements to the dog’s meals.

  11. Thanks for the feedback Mary. Sorry to hear Apocaps isn’t working for you. A bit more information about your dog and his diagnosis would be helpful to others. Please start a new forum topic if you care to share details.

    Unfortuanately, every dog is different and there is no one solution that works for all. You might consider, however, reviewing our recent post about K9 Immunity Plus. This natural cancer supplement for dogs has come a long way since we first gave it to Jerry after discovering his lung mets in early 2008. It is now double strength, and available in one treat wafer, instead of the 7 pills we had to give Jerry.

  12. Mary, I just wanted to add that a lot of dogs will be leery at first about switching to home cooked food. It’s similar to going from a diet filled with cake and candy to one filled with fruits and vegetables. Just like with humans, it takes time to adjust your taste buds. I would suggest starting slower instead of making a sudden switch, and find out what your pup likes, then run with that.

    There is a reason why commercial dog food is cheaper than home cooking, same as why a junk food diet is cheaper than a whole foods, healthy diet for a human. It takes a big shift in the way we think about dog food to adapt to the cost difference but as I like to think about it, we either receive the benefit of cheap food now, and pay later with expensive vet bills, or we put out more money into our dog’s health now, and see the vet a whole lot less later on.

    Thanks so much for your feedback.

  13. Admin, thank you for the recommendation. My dog is on the K9 Immunity in addition to the Apocaps & Neptune Kril Oil (NKO) as well. He takes the k9 Immunity & NKO without any problems, so I intend to maintain him on these two supplements with or without the Apocaps.
    Thank you for your response and advice Jerry. I am okay with the extra expense of home cooked food as long as my dog will eat it and it’s not ending up in the garbage every day. I am still struggling with the home made diet as I agree the long-term results & expense are well worth the struggle & sacrifices.
    He ate the meals with gusto when I first started & I didn’t have to add any of the commercial dog food, but once I began adding the supplements he would find them, spit them out, and then stopped eating the meals.
    Now he doesn’t trust any food in a bowl even without the supplements. He doesn’t eat until he gets really hungry (once a day or every 2 days). Even then he only eats about a fourth of the meal. He’s had digestive issues as a result of not eating. I had started substituting the meal with broiled chicken, turkey, or duck breast to ensure he had something on his stomach each day when he didn’t eat any of the meals by 8pm. I hand fed it to him, he’d lick around the meat before he’d swallow it, and if he felt anything suspicious he’d spit the meat out & stop eating.
    Before all this started, he would always eat liver any time of day or night, so today I waited until noon to try to feed him. I put half the meal on a paper plate with liver on top, around the edges, and in the middle. He ate about half the meal at noon and just ate half the evening meal as well. I am excited & hopeful for the first time in over a month. Today is the first day I haven’t felt like crying all day. I hope this means I’m on the right track. I have no intention of ever giving up on doing what is best for my baby boy. I’ll keep trying until I find the nutritional meal & method that works for him.
    I sincerely regret having ever put anything other than food in his food bowl. Eating is the one thing he had always taken great pleasure in & I hope to give this pleasure back to him soon and in a healthy manner.
    Thank you again for your encouragement & advice 🙂

  14. Wow, I’m sorry Mary to hear of all the issues with your dog not eating 🙁 I hope you can find a diet that he will trust again. What about going back to his old diet for a bit to see if it improves?

    I am still supplementing my dog with Apocaps with no issues. Most times I give the Apocaps away from food(wrapped in cheese) as Dr. Dressler recommends to actually give them away from food for better absorption, I believe, if I recall correctly. He said you can use a little bit of food with them(hence the cheese).

    Tracy, Maggie’s Mom

  15. Thank you for your response and suggestions Tracy 🙂 I always give the Apocaps at least two hours before a meal with a very small piece of thin sliced 90% lean roast beef, so I haven’t had any issues with the Apocaps. I have not observed either any positive or negative results from the Apocaps.
    I thought I would observe some positive improvement from the Apocaps after a few weeks. I have paid for six bottles so far ($359.94) & I guess I hoped to observe some positive benefit from this expense & I guess I’m just disappointed that I haven’t. This is a lot of money for my family & I’ve seen nothing that would justify our investment in the Apocaps.
    By the way, does Maggie weigh more than 60.1 pounds? I ask because I’m wondering if Maggie is taking 9 gelcaps a day like my dog. If so, does she act any differently after the last dose each day? My dog seems exhausted within 30 minutes of the last dose each day & I’m not sure if it’s related to the Apocaps.
    After my supply of Apocaps runs out, I am thinking of switching to K9 Immunity Plus as recommended by another tripawds poster. It appears to have mostly the same benefits as the Apocaps, Krill Oil, and K9 Immunity combined, but the cost is much, much more reasonable ($90 per month for a large dog versus the more than $600 per month I am currently paying).
    As Dr. Dressler recommended, I added the Krill Oil, k9 Immunity, Dr. Goodpet enzymes, etc. to his meal (all at different times) because I did not want to be giving my sick dog 48 separate capsules & gelcaps every day. I started with the daily multivitamin. He found it, spit it out, & stopped eating. Next I tried the Krill Oil gelcaps by cutting & putting the oil in the cottage cheese. He wouldn’t touch the food I’m guessing because he doesn’t like fish so then I put the whole gelcaps in the meal instead. He found 2, spit them out, & then stopped eating. Later I tried the K9 Immunity capsules. Same result. Then I removed all supplements and added only the enzymes. He wouldn’t touch either meal. I had better results today with using liver to entice him to eat his meals, so I’m hopeful & I’ll keep trying.
    I do not have the heart to put him back on the Science Diet now that I know it contributed to his Cancer. I just can’t bring myself to do it. I make sure he has plenty of meat & I feed him brocolli, cauliflower, cabbage, etc. from my plate to ensure he is getting some nutrition while we try to work out the whole canine cancer diet dilemna. Thank you again for responding. I’m willing to try most anything (that’s healthy & doesn’t hurt him) to get him to eat heartedly again.

  16. What are you expecting to see from results of giving the Apocaps? For my dog, I have seen her have more energy and more “happy”. I know it can act similar to an NSAID in that take away pains, so I’m assuming it helps her in that way.

    My dog also gets K9Immunity Plus or has gotten Power Mushrooms and Transfer Factor separately and fish oil. I really like the K9Immunity Plus though as it’s all of the products in one and only give 1, 2 times per day.

    My dog weighs 60 lbs and I give her 6 caps of Apocaps per day. I’m just not 100% sure what you’d see on the “outside” of the dog giving it? It would be working on the “inside” keeping that nasty “C” away(hopefully). That’s my hope and why I give both products.

    BTW, I feed Honest Kitchen foods…maybe you could try one of those diets and it would entice your dog more to eat? Embark, Zeal, Thrive and Preference are the four that I use primarly. I add Primal ground meats to it. They all have meat in them already EXCEPT for the Preference one which you must add meat to it. These diets are low in carbs and even lower the more you add more protein to them. Just a thought…

    Tracy, Maggie’s Mom

  17. Started Trina on the Apocaps about a week ago,maybe less.She had her third chemo last thursday.On sunday she was chasing the vacuum cleaner!! She hasn’t done this in weeks!Have been giving her glucosamine and fish oil caps too ,but was wondering if the apocaps are giving her a boost of energy.Am only giving 6 caps a day,she’s 92 lbs.I also ordered the K-9 Immunity Plus chewys and some power mushrooms and am wondering if I can give all of them to her ,or if I should alternate one type after another when they come.I don’t want to get her tummy upset.I also switched her diet to the Halo Stew instead of the Science Diet and this was the first food change where she had NO stomach upset at all. She loves it.Interesting to see what works!! Hope I am on the right track…

  18. Hi Karen,
    Glad to hear about your Trina responding to Apocaps! I wouldn’t use the K9Immunity and Power Mushrooms together as that would be overkill on the mushrooms. Use one up and then the other. The K9Immunity has the mushrooms, omega’s and transfer factor all in one. The Power Mushrooms, if I recall, is just that – mushrooms…so would need to add Omega’s and Transfer Factor(if you so choose) to that to be same as K9Immunity ingredients.
    Nice to hear of your diet switch and it working for your pup!

    Tracy, Maggie’s Mom

  19. OK thanks for that input!! So if I understand it correctly,these are most important during chemo but also after as there anything that puts the brakes on the cancer cell progression post chemo? She has a very high grade OS and hoping for that magic bullet to stop it in it’s tracks.Haven’t finished Dr D’s book yet.
    Thanks Karen,Trina’s mom

  20. Oh how I wish we knew of the magic ingredient to put the brakes on cancer cell progression. Boy, we’d get the Nobel Prize for that one. All we can do is our best, and remember that it’s all about quality of life. Remember too that just because a dog has a high grade cancer doesn’t mean that they will not live as long as a dog with low grade. We have been told by an oncologist that high grade versus low grade has little effect on overall survival rates, so don’t let that scare you too much oK?

  21. You are right on with the quality of life.She actually bounded up the stairs at bedtime.She can do that early in the day but *never* at bedtime.Something is certainly helping her…

    So maybe I will give her the power mushrooms with the apocaps and then once they are done give the K-9 plus and see if there’s a change.

    Just want to make sure she’s getting what she’s supposed to ge while having chemo.2 more to go~!


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