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Tripawds Save on Apocaps with Amazon Coupon

Choosing a good supplement is a mind boggling experience for pawrents of dogs fighting cancer. With so many available, how does one choose a quality supplement, and spot supplements bargains versus rip-offs?

One source we trust is Dr. Demian Dressler, a veterinary cancer specialist and author of “The Dog Cancer Survival Guide: Beyond Surgery, Chemotherapy & Radiation.”

Earlier this year, Dr. Dressler launched his own canine cancer neutraceutical, Apocaps CX Apoptogen Formula for Dogs.

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How Apocaps Can Help Your Dog Fight Cancer

Dr. Dressler’s supplement uses pure, 100 pawcent human-grade, all-natural active ingredients to help dogs fight cancer, by unlocking a natural biological process in the body called apoptosis.

Apoptosis works inside DNA, by dismantling accumulated cells that should be eliminated for normal health. In scientific terms, apoptosis is also called “cell suicide.” This is a normal, fundamental and desirable process in every living thing. After one cell dies, healthy new ones grow.

Cancer can slow down apoptosis, resulting in too many damaged cells in the body. To kick apoptosis into action, doctors have discovered several plants, such as Luteolin, Curcumin and Apigenin, that have naturally occurring molecules which support apoptosis when they are introduced into the living body. Dr. Dressler has taken these apoptosis-inducing plants and created a high quality supplement for canine cancer patients, with Apocaps.

There are many reasons for taking Apocaps:

  • There is no other supplement that can induce apoptosis and promote healthy cell death.
  • Also, many of these plants would need to be eaten in such high quantities that an extract form is vastly preferable.
  • Finally, Dr. Dressler’s product is guaranteed to be made in the USA  and packaged in a FDA-approved lab.

Do Your Apocaps Homework

Before adding Apocapss to your cancer-fighting arsenal, be sure to read Dr. Dressler’s Frequently Asked Questions. And for dogs taking a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) like Metacam, be sure to read his feedback about taking Apocaps while using a NSAID.

If you have a large dog and are concerned about what it would cost to purchase Apocaps for your dog, keep in mind that Dr. Dressler says “We are lining up to make a larger strength capsule in the pipeline for all the large dogs out there. Meanwhile, we have been experimenting with bulk discounts to see what the interest is.”

So all you big dog pawrents out there, be sure to let Dr. Dressler know that you want to see Apocaps in bulk!

Remember, Tripawds is a user-supported community. All purchases made here help defray the high costs of keeping this community online.

NOTE: We are not veterinarians. All information provided here is based only on our own experiences caring for Jerry and Wyatt, and the experiences of other Tripawds members. Please consult your vet or do further research before implementing any new dietary regimen or supplements into your dog’s treatment plan.

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