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Teaching Kids About Tripawds

Are you wondering how to prepare your human children about the upcoming amputation for your furry child?

Author Sandra Philipson can help. She has a darling series of children’s books and even a movie about her adventurous three legged dogs, Annie and Trini and their quadruped pal, Max. As a children’s educator and reading specialist with advanced degrees in reading, and literacy, Philipson’s beautiful books illustrate important lessons about love, friendship, optimism and loss.

Annie Loses Her Leg but Finds Her Way

Based on an actual incident, this is both a poignant and funny story of a nine year old English Springer Spaniel who loses her front leg to cancer.

Annie and her high-spirited brother Max experience her illness and recovery in very different ways. Max is in denial and Annie is in a state of sad acceptance. It isn’t until they meet Samantha, a three legged Golden Retriever, that they both begin to heal.

Annie Loses Her Leg but Finds Her Way is a book about love, loss, friendship and optimism that is appropriate for children of all ages and the young in spirit. This book is recommended by the Argus Institute at Colorado State University.

Max and Annie’s Mysterious Campfire

Max and Annie travel out west and discover the Arizona desert. The desert animals invite the dogs to a mysterious campfire where Max is confronted with a local bully. Max learns that getting caught up in bullying can become dangerous, but with Annie’s help, Max learns that he can use his head and his heart to save the spirit of the campfire.

Max and Annie’s Mysterious Campfire is a thoroughly charming, warmly illustrated, “kid friendly” picture book about a pair of quick-witted dogs in the desert. This is highly recommended as an engaging tale filled with appealing, full-color artwork of likeable animal characters.

Forever Home
After five happy years on a West Virginia farm, Trini, an English springer spaniel, finds herself abandoned when her owner suddenly passes away.

Rejected by her owners relatives, this plucky little three-legged dog sets out on a journey to find a new home. Along the way she has adventures and overcomes obstacles.

Forever Home illustrates Trini’s courage and persistence in her quest, and shows that hard times can be endured and conquered with humor, determination and a little help from those who rescue the abandoned.

Miracle Dogs

Miracle Dogs, the movie, is loosely based on Annie Loses Her Leg but Finds Her Way.

Cute puppies bring health and happiness to the denizens of an Ohio hospital in Miracle Dogs.

When young Charlie Logan (Josh Hutcherson) and his parents (Kate Jackson and Ted Shackelford) accidentally run into a stray Springer Spaniel, the injury is minor but the dog turns out to have cancer in one of her forelegs, which has to be amputated.

To save the dog from euthanasia, Charlie smuggles her into the Cleveland Clinic, where his parents work, and keeps her in the basement with the assistance of the cantankerous custodian (Stacey Keach). But in no time the dog, now dubbed Annie by Charlie, starts wandering through the hospital, miraculously healing the patients.

Hospital rules and miraculous healing collide in this adaptation of the popular children’s book Annie Loses Her Leg but Finds Her Way, which is sure to warm the heart of any dog-lover.

3 thoughts on “Teaching Kids About Tripawds”

  1. Before we found out our dog would be unable to have an amputation due to lung mets, we had been preparing our children for what we thought was a pending procedure. My mom had this movie at her house and my seven year old daughter had seen it several times, so when we talked to her about Chance losing his leg, she immediately remembered Annie from the movie and was actually excited about the possibility of Chance becoming a ‘miracle dog.’ It is a great movie to watch with your child to discuss the quality of life a tripawd can have.
    **Because the movie does not include any post surgery or recovery scenes, we also looked at the photos on so they would be prepared for what the incision would look like when he first came home…

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