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Learn Wysong’s Truth About Pet Foods

Doesn’t it seem kind of weird that when it comes to nutrition for humans, we’re advised by nutrition experts to eat a variety of whole, unprocessed and healthy foods, but on the other paw, we’re told that “complete nutrition” for dogs and cats can be found in a bag of dry kibble made with ingredients we would never eat ourselves?

For 30 years, Dr. R. L. Wysong, DVM, has spread the message that modern diseases, of both animals and humans alike, are caused by processed foods that our bodies are not adapted to. Wysong has spent years demonstrating to the public that everything from cancer to behavioral issues are preventable and reversible by changing our diets and our lifestyles.

His book, “The Truth About Pet Foods,” takes a look at the pet food industry, and dissects the faulty science behind the “100 percent complete” myth about processed dog and cat food.

Why would a member of the pet food industry write a book that slams his own bread and butter? Because Dr. Wysong’s higher purpose is to advance health education for all of us, especially our pets, who suffer the most because we’ve left their health up to an industry with profit as its primary motivator. His nonprofit organization, the Wysong Institute, strives to teach how nutrition and life-style changes can “prevent the cruel degenerative diseases plaguing our modern society.”

The Truth About Pet Foods is an enlightening (if slightly challenging) book that sheds a light on better ways to feed our pets, by addressing subjects like:

  • The “Ingredient Labels Demonstrate Food Value” Myth
  • The “Pet Foods in Paper Bags Can Have Shelf-Lives Up to a Year or More” Myth
  • The “Meals Must Be Balanced” Myth

The Truth About Pet Foods also:

  • Tears apart pet food labels
  • Shows you how to avoid getting caught up in the latest buzzwords
  • Identifies the most ideal ingredients in pre-made food
  • Educates you about how to feed your pet healthy foods that combine real foods along with convenient, high quality prepackaged pet foods that most of us rely on at one time or another.

And while Wysong does advocate for his highly-rated, nutrient-rich and minimally processed Wysong food line, he also includes enough additional information, tips and advice in the book to make it more useful than a company sales brochure.

As one of the first companies to create holistic, healthy pet foods and supplements, starting in 1979, Wysong is a name that we trust. The Truth About Pet Foods is written in a thought-provoking manner that will give you the motivation you need to make pawsitive changes in your Tripawd’s feeding regimen.

1 thought on “Learn Wysong’s Truth About Pet Foods”

  1. Finished reading it, huh Rene? 🙂

    Dr. Wysong is pretty amazing…I was always amazed at how he pushed REAL food over his own commercial foods…

    Anyone you know using his new starch free kibble yet?

    Tracy, Maggie’s Mom

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