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Rare Book Captures Spirit of Endangered Species

Every once in a while you see an image so striking, you just have to share it. Such is the case with the cover photo of Rare: Portraits of America’s Endangered Species by Joel Sartore.

When we first saw this book, we immediately thought of Wyatt and his wild eyes. Then we thought, what a wonderful gift this book would be for any animal lover!

Joel Sartore has been a photographer for more than 20 years – 17 with National Geographic – and his many assignments have taken him all over the world. When a few of his stunning animal portraits first appeared in the National Geographic January 2009 issue, they were hailed as an arresting reminder of the hundreds of species teetering on the brink of final extinction—more than 1,200 animals and plants in all.

Now, in Rare, Joel Sartore and National Geographic present 80 iconic images, representing a lifelong commitment to the natural world and a three-year investigation into the Endangered Species Act and the creatures it exists to protect.

This book will give readers not only a broader understanding of the history and purpose of the Endangered Species Act, but also an intimate look at the very species it seeks to preserve. With stunning up-close portraits on every page, this important volume evokes sympathetic wonder at the vast and amazing array of plants and animals still in need of protection.

Itself a creation of particular beauty, Rare offers eloquent proof that a picture really is worth a thousand words as it shows us, one after another, scores of uniquely remarkable and seriously threatened life-forms.

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  1. OMD> Classic. Frustrating, but eventually so rewarding. Man, I thought photographing Mattie was hard. I have compared it to trying to give Dennis the Menace nose drops. (The comic one, not the remake)

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