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Songs to Soothe a Sorrowful Heart

Music can make you laugh, make  you cry, and help you through the saddest of times. And it’s funny how sad songs can often be the most uplifting.

Since we have lost a number of three-legged heroes recently, and it’s been a while since we posted any Tripawd Tunes, we thought we would share this playlist of songs to help soothe a sorrowful heart.

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Download Uplifting Songs for Times of Sorrow

Free To Run by GomezDownload Gomez Bring it On
Free to RunFrom the Album Bring It On

My feet, so tired
Come sit here for a while
I can see it in your smile
Come sit here, let’s hope for a while…
I’m free to run, I’m free to run

Fight by Ben Kweller
Ben Kweller Changing HorsesFrom the Album Changing Horses

You gotta fight fight fight fight all the way
You gotta fight fight fight all the way
You gotta set your sight on the Lord in your life
You gotta fight till your dying day

That’s Some Dream by Good Old War
Good Old WarFrom the Album Good Old War

I’m gonna live I’m alright,
I’m gonna die it’s alright, I’m okay
Lai dai dai…

I Can’t Complain by Todd Snider
Todd Snider LiveFrom the Album Near Truths and Hotel Rooms Live

I got nothin to lose
Cause there’s nothin to gain
It’s like a one way ticket to cruise in this passing lane
I can’t complain

More Than I Can Do by Steve Earle
Steve Earle I Feel AlrightFrom the Album I Feel Alright

I’m trying hard to let you go, But it’s more than I can do
And every day or two, I wind up right back where I started
I’m trying not to let you know, That I’m still in love with you
I can’t just sit home blue
‘Cause there ain’t no rest for the brokenhearted

Gravedigger by Willie Nelson
Willie Nelson Moment of ForeverFrom the Album Moment Of Forever

When you dig my grave
Could you make it shallow
So that I can feel the rain

Walk Forever By My Side by The Alarm
Best of The AlarmFrom the Album The Best Of The Alarm

Walk forever by my side, Never lose sight of the day
When we will run through all our weakness
On through the fields
Strewn with our broken dreams
Walk forever by my side

If you have a favorite uplifting tune, or would like to suggest songs that help soothe during times of sorrow, please post them in the forum topic munko started listing songs for coping and memorializing

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