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BPA-Free Drinking Water Containers for Tripawds

The well-documented dangers of BPA plastics (bisphenol A) are a hazard for pets as well as people. As you take steps to minimize your own exposure to toxic food and beverage containers, why not do the same for your Tripawd?

We just heard about these fantastic stainless-steel water bottles made just for dogs, and wanted to share them with you. They’re perfect for stashing in your backpack or even leaving in your car, since exposure to heat won’t allow toxic plastic residues to leach into the water.

Good Life Puppy Love Pet Dog Water Bottle –
Stainless Steel Bottle with roller ball top

Teach your dog to lick at the roller ball and water will dispense easily and without mess!

This BPA-free, stainless-steel, patent-pending water bottle has a ball-bearing top that controls water flow when the bottle is held upside-down for your dog to drink from.

Unscrew the top and you can easily fill and clean the inside. The top can also be used as a cup.

H2O4K9 Stainless Steel Dog Water Bottle and Bowl

Features a patented lid designed for a dog’s natural drinking style.

Fits cup holders, bike cages, backpacks and fits perfectly in the H2O4K9 Neosling (sold separately).

Available in small (9.5 oz bottles) perfect for smaller dogs and large (25 oz bottles) perfect for larger dogs. This listing is for the larger 25 oz bottle.

Features: 18/8 Food grade stainless steel 100% BPA free 100% recyclable materials Designed to fit a dog’s natural drinking style Includes: 1 x H2O4K9 Stainless Steel Dog Water Bottle and Bowl (25 oz)- in BLACK Carabiner clip included.

H2O4K9 Neosling Insulated Bottle Holder- Black

Made to be used with the H2O4K9 Water Bottles but can be used with most water bottles.

An insulating and adjustable bottle holder. Soft and stretchy neoprene adjustable strap fits comfortably over the shoulder. Insulating material keeps water cold hours longer.

Features: Soft and stretchy neoprene adjustable strap fits comfortably. Includes: 1 Neosling in BLACK- Water bottle NOT included

Remember, it’s even more important to carry water with you when walking or playing with your Tripawd, since they tend to get tired faster than quadpawds, especially during the first few months after recovery.

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