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Holistic Answers to Dog Cancer from Dr Eisen

We’re always on the lookout for good books to recommend for those coping with a cancer diagnosis for their dogs. And holistic remedies and natural treatments are favorite subjects.

While we haven’t yet read Dog Cancer: The Holistic Answer by Dr. Steven Eisen, this step by step guide for developing a natural canine cancer treatment plan has received nothing but five-star reviews at Amazon.

In just 80 pages, Dr. Eisen clearly explains in detail the five steps of the holistic healing protocol he used used to rescue his own dog Fergie from her death sentence and explains how to customize it for one’s own dog.

Reader Testimonial

“I bought three books about how to manage and treat dogs with cancer for a dear friend who’s Golden has a very large tumor. As I perused each book, I realized that although they all had very good information, Dog Cancer: The Holistic Answer stood out in terms of the way it it is presented. It’s concise, interesting and comprehensive. I read it from cover to cover in two fairly short sittings the day before I gave it to my friend. I highly recommend this book.” — Kathleen [read all reviews]

About the Author

Dr Steven Eisen is a chiropractor who has studied holistic medicine for more than 30 years.When his eleven year old Lhasa Apso, Fergie, was diagnosed with terminal lymphosarcoma in 2005, Dr. Eisen drew on his accumulated expertise to treat her holistically. As a result, Fergie lived for almost two and a half more years, reaching the normal life expectancy for her breed. Her veterinarian, amazed, said she had never seen a dog with Fergie’s condition recover and thrive for so long.

As others whose dogs had cancer heard about what Dr. Eisen had achieved with Fergie, they began clamoring for written information on these alternative dog cancer treatments. But there was no authoritative material available. This was a gap Dr. Eisen felt he had to fill; the result is his unique book, Dog Cancer: The Holistic Answer – A Step by Step Guide. For more information about Dr. Eisen, please visit his Dog Cancer Advice website.

Start reading Dog Cancer: The Holistic Answer on your Kindle in minutes.

Feedback is gladly welcome from anyone who has read this book. Or, please feel free to submit a review of any book you think Tripawds readers may find helpful.

6 thoughts on “Holistic Answers to Dog Cancer from Dr Eisen”

  1. A pretty expensive, very short book with a very narrow treatment plan . The severely limited research cited, is primarily in vitro, dated, isolated and 2/3 from Western Block Universities, making it nearly impossible to validate. It’s not difficult to find a single favorable study about anything. There’s a concerning statement about the majority of MCT’s being benign. most of the positive, anecdotal reviews mention cancers in various organs, but are nonspecific. It’s easy to get caught up in the desperate hope for a cure. While some of his advice is probably valid, his results don’t seem to be documented. I wasn’t quite comfortable at the way he arrived at the dozing regimens….simply converting from human to canine by weight. I’d be cautious & seek the advice of a reputable holistic veterinarian. Most of whom are not going to prescribe a plan with no variables as their philosophy is to treat each individual.

  2. littlemanjake, thank you for letting us know. As we mentioned, we hadn’t read it but thought it looked interesting based on the reviews. We’re so lucky to have the feedback of a medical professional like yourself. Many thanks.

  3. I read a couple of books written by vets with my 11 year old shephard mix Sasha and had her on chemo. She did not respond well to the chemo so I went to a holistic vet about 3 months ago who told me about Dr. Eisen’s book and said he had seen some other dogs do quite well with it and recommended it. As soon as I got it I noticed that it was shorter than the other books, but very concise. It contained things not in the other books. Even though it’s short it has a lot of links to websites with more information and includes a membership to a companion website. The companion website has great information too and is updated often. So even though at first glance the book looks short, it really contains a lot more.
    After about a month of following the recommendations Sasha started acting a lot better and younger with more energy. I would have gladly paid much more for it. My regular vet was impressed too and now has a copy of it on her desk.

  4. I bought this book and have been following the outlined protocol since my Doberman was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. I was told by my vet that without chemo he would likely live about 4-6 months, and with chemo he would likely live for a year. After reading this book and some other research summaries online I chose to NOT do chemo and instead followed Dr. Eisen’s protocol. I am ecstatic to say that this weekend we celebrated my dog’s 2-year ampuversary! He is still healthy and strong!

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