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Journal Writing Therapy for an Aching Heart

Journal therapy is a therapeutic way to process the grief of losing your beloved Tripawd and other animal companions.

For some, writing comes easy and remembering cherished memories is easily recorded in keepsakes like our Tripawds Pet Health Journal.

For others who find journaling to be a challenge, pet loss journals and memorial books provide a gentle guiding hand to help wade through the grief process.

The Kingdom of Heart: A Pet Loss Journal

The Memorial Workbook is a gift. You might say it is a gift you give yourself. You can move through the book at your own pace, with space available for you to express yourself and remember your precious friend. The pages invite you to explore the process of remembering and honoring your friend. So, please, each time you open the book, “listen,” and you will discover that your pet lives forever within your heart.” –Patty Luckenbach, author

My Pet Remembrance Journal

This remembrance journal is especially for you. It is a special place for you to share the feelings that have arisen since the death of your beloved pet. Here you can write down your thoughts and feelings that are ever-present and ever-changing. In your journal you can privately go over the details of your loss and it’s effect on you.

Your reaction to the death of your pet is as unique and individual as was your relationship. Your personal grief reaction is affected by your experience with previous losses, how closely bonded you were to your pet, cause of death, support system and your personal nature. My hope is that this guided journal will help you as you move along the challenging journey ahead of you.” – Enid Traisman, M.S.W., author

Paw Prints in the Stars: A Farewell and Journal for a Beloved Pet

Written for kids and adults who are young-at-heart, Paw Prints in the Stars was created to help one deal with the loss of a beloved pet. The book is written in the voice of the pet that has passed and brings peace and comfort while celebrating life and the lessons learned. There is a place for treasured photos and journal pages for favorite memories as well as a special ribbon to hold collar tags.

“An ideal gift for anyone who has suffered the loss of a animal companion and wishes to honor their furry friend with a memorial keepsake.” — Reader Review

3 thoughts on “Journal Writing Therapy for an Aching Heart”

  1. I have never been one to keep a journal, but I do write – and I found that writing about Bailey’s death (our 12 year old beagle that we lost to cancer in Oct ’09) helped A LOT! I even started writing a novel about it. Having a character go through losing a pet helped me deal with it. And I think writing about it from the “character’s” point of view, instead of as “me”, helped too. (If that makes any sense at all…)

    I also wrote about her for the Tributes page on The Bark magazine site. It is still up ( and I like to go look at it every once in a while. It makes me feel better somehow, just knowing it’s “out there.” Sure miss that little tyke. She was something else!

    I highly recommend writing to folks who have lost a sweet pup.

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