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Guide to Understanding Pet Health Insurance

Pet insurance can significantly reduce the unexpected costs of an expensive dog amputation surgery or cancer therapy treatments, but how can you be sure that your policy will actually cover the procedures?

You can make choosing pet health insurance an easier process, by reading Your Guide to Understanding Pet Health Insurance by Dr. Doug Kenney DVM.

Expert Vet Helps Pawrents Choose a Pet Insurance Policy

Choosing a pet health insurance policy can be more confusing than picking health coverage for humans. Sifting through the many types of coverages, rates and exclusions can take time and without expert guidance you can be in for an unpleasant surprise when you actually need to use the policy.

In this 126-page book, Dr. Kenney, a practicing veterinarian in Tennessee, teaches you how pet health insurance works and the important factors to consider before purchasing insurance for their pets. Dr. Kenney’s book:

  • Shares examples of how insurance companies reimburse pet owners for claims that are filed.
  • Gives detailed information of each company’s policies that sells insurance in the United States.
  • Supplies tables that can help guide pet owners to choose the right company and then the right policy for their pet.

In addition, Dr. Kenney describes the main differences between the two major types of insurance policies:

  • Those that provide wellness care (annual exams, vaccinations and maintenance prescriptions)
  • And policies that cover pets for accidents, chronic disease and accidents.

Your Guide to Understanding Pet Health Insurance also features a bonus section called “The Wise Pet Owner,” which helps folks learn how to avoid unnecessary trips to the veterinarian and save thousands of dollars. Dr. Kenney’s expertise can literally save a pet’s life and help insure that pet owners enjoy many happy years together with their beloved pets.

You can even take Dr. Kenney’s book for a test drive by downloading a sample chapter here. But buy your copy of his book through Tripawds’ Amazon link, since every purchase made here helps offset the costs of maintaining the Tripawds community. Thanks!

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