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Free Apocaps and EverPup Supplement Offer, This Weekend Only

Big dog pawrents take note, Apocaps CX Apoptogen Formula for Dogs and Everpup Ultimate Daily Dog Supplement is on sale this weekend! When you buy 3 bottles of Apocaps CX or EverPup, you’ll get 1 FREE. Of course you can also enjoy free Amazon SuperSaver shipping too!

Fight Cancer, Boost Your Dog’s Immune System

Apocaps CX Apoptogen Formula for Dogs is a nutritional immune support supplement created by Dr. Demian Dressler, founder of the Dog Cancer Survival Guide.

Apocaps was created for dogs who are fighting cancer, because it utilizes natural plant-based substances such as LuteolinCurcumin and Apigenin, which have been clinically shown to induce the body’s natural process of apoptosis. This process is simply the body’s natural method allowing of healthy cell death which enables new cells to grow, while keeping deadly cancer cells away.

All the ingredients are human-grade and Apocaps is manufactured in the United States in an FDA-approved plant that manufactures human supplements.

Buy 3, Get 1 Free Bottle of Apocaps,
Use Apocaps Coupon code: 4HJHTA33

EverPup Promotes Exceptional Canine Health

Everpup Ultimate Daily Dog Supplement was created to help keep healthy dogs healthy by providing delicious defense from invisible enemies associated with modern living. It was created in response to the #1 most frequently asked question that pet parents ask Dr. Dressler:

“How can I keep my healthy dog healthy?”

EverPup promotes dog health because it’s packed with 100% human-grade ingredients such as apoptogens, glucosamine, vital nutrients, probiotic digestive aids, and other superior ingredients like spirulina, curcumin and luteolin.

According to Dr. Dressler, “EverPup also supports your dog’s natural defenses from stress, low-grade inflammation, a weakened immune system and altered intestinal flora. It helps restore normal levels of apoptosis by encouraging old and deranged cells to leave the body naturally. Everpup even helps your dog burn fat by encouraging energy-burning metabolism!”

Buy 3, Get 1 Free Everpup Ultimate Daily Dog Supplement,
Use Coupon Code 8HW4OROO

Offer ends September 4, 2012. You must enter a quantity of at least 3 Apocaps or 3 EverPup jars to your cart and enter the corresponding code from above at checkout. Limit:one per customer.

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