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David and Noel Take Life One Breath at a Time

Is your own Tripawd journey taking you down a ruff road?

Pick up a copy of  One Breath At a Time, the true story of David and Noel to help put your troubles in perspective and inspire you to stay pawsitive through it all.

Two Stories of Beating the Odds

David Gerbstadt is a Pennsylvania artist who’s celebrated for his approachable, whimsical, free-spirited paintings, sculptures and drawings.

He creates multi-media art that is accessible for everyone and shows people how to look at the world in new ways.

In December 2007 during the midst of his rising art career, David was run over by a tractor trailer while riding his bicycle. On the way to the hospital, David literally died, but was brought back to life by the paramedics.

According to his biography, over the next 9 hours, David’s heart stopped 4 more times and he went through 40 units of blood. When he awoke, the doctors all told him he should be dead. But despite the odds, David survived!

David and Noel, a Perfect Match

Nearly four years later on Christmas Eve, 2011, a sweet female Pit Bull mix was facing her own remarkable recovery after being hit by a car.

Her injuries were brutal and she lost a leg, but Noel never gave up. The Delaware County SPCA cared for her until she was well enough to be put up for adoption.

When David met her, it was love at first sight for these two walking miracles.

“Noel was out in the yard being walked by a volunteer. Noel came right up to me, wagging her tail and licking me. It was magic.

Noel had been at the center for six weeks, having been brought in as a hit and run victim. The vet saved her life, however her right leg was badly damaged and had to be removed. 

Noel and I had similar stories.”

The story of David and Noel is told in the artist’s new book, One Breath At a Time. This tale of persistence and focus despite tough circumstances will inspire you to Be More Dog and make the most of your own Tripawd journey through good times and ruff ones too.


One Breath At a Time, by David Gerbstadt

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