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Tripawd Charlie Shows There’s Life After FCE Paralysis and Amputation

Join us in congratulating Tripawd Charlie on celebrating his one year anniversary of recovering from a tragic FCE (Fibrocartilaginous Embolism – aka stroke of the spine), which is one of the most devastating and seemingly hopeless situations a pack can experience.

You can learn more about FCEs in the book “My Dog Has Fallen and He Can’t Get Up!

Charlie’s dedicated pawrents and canine rehab team helped him through a long, difficult FCE recovery. Although  Charlie ended up losing his non-functioning leg six months after the FCE, he regained full mobility in the remaining three limbs thanks to his therapy team at Animal Rehabilitation and Fitness in Vancouver, Washington.

As you can see in this inspawrational video, Charlie is now healthy, strong and loving life as a Tripawd.

What is FCE?

FCE is a rare condition in which a stroke occurs in a dog’s spinal cord. We learned about FCEs in the book “Help, My Dog Has Fallen and Can’t Get Up” by Judy Wolff, in which she tells the recovery story of her dog Tucker who also suffered a FCE.

As Wolff describes it, when a FCE occurs, the dog immediately loses neurological function and the damage can be permanent (although it won’t get worse after the first 24 hours).

Until recently, a dog who suffered a FCE might have seemed like a hopeless case and many pet parents would opt to euthanize. But thanks to advances in veterinary diagnostics and rehabilitation therapy, dogs have more of a chance than ever to recover.

We are so grateful for stories like Tucker and Charlie’s, for their amazing recoveries give hope to pet parents during an incredibly difficult time.

Congratulations and thank you for being a part of the Tripawds community Charlie!



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