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Big Barker Beds Great for Giant Tripawd Dogs

Looking for a high quality orthopedic bed for your giant breed Tripawd dog? Happy Hannah (aka Tripawds Member Benny55) highly recommends the Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed.

“(The Big Barker Bed) is an ‘investment’ but I’ve spent that many times over trying to get a good bed for my dogs and they don’t retain their shape or support AND this bed is made for bigger dogs. . . I actually slept partially on it with her surrounded by squishy pillows and blankets.”

Big Barker Dog Beds are made with 7″ of superior quality American-Made foam. Specifically designed to completely support every nook and crevice of a big dog’s body. Your dog will not sink into this bed.

Big Barker Giant Breed Orthopedic Dog Bed

Best Dog Beds for Surgery Recovery

See the Tripawds Gear Blog for more selections and reviews of orthopedic dog beds for comfortable rest during recovery and for years to come. These plush yet firm beds are recommended since they will not bunch up, making it easy for recovering dogs to get comfortable without stumbling on unstable bedding.

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6 thoughts on “Big Barker Beds Great for Giant Tripawd Dogs”

  1. This looks like a great bed! My big boy (118 lbs before amputation) loves his Savvy Doggy bed. He used to be so stiff and sore when getting up from his traditional bed or the couch. I did a little research and decided on Savvy Doggy, and he no longer looks like he is stiff and sore after a long nap. I bought the large one (37″ x 47″), and it’s big enough for both of us to curl up (or sprawl out) on together.

  2. Just want to add that Happy Hannah has given this bed quite a workout now for several months and it hasn’t lost one bit of it’s shape—-no sagging at all!! It truly is the “Tempur-pedic” of the dog world—only better!! Really, if just a bit larger, it would give “people” beds competition!!!

    The best part of all—-order through and it helps Tripawds!!!!!

    Sweet dreams to all, Sally and Happy Hannah

  3. Re: The Big Barker Bed—My 118 lb. Bull Mastiff is over eight mnths post amp. and has had this bed about nine months now.

    Just cannot say enough about this great sturdy bed. It has not lost one bit of its shape, density or firmness. She absolutely loves this bed,

    I do put squishy pillows around and she “arranges” her bed as she pleases.

    I highly recommend it for big dogs recovering from surgery. It’s firm enough they can stand up without falling and slipping.

    And no! I have no connection to this company! I’m just very connected to my dog and fnd this bed to be perfect for her comfort and proper big dog support!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

    PS… Of course make ALL your purchases through Amazon and support the Tripawds community at the same time!

  4. Sally, we really appreciate your taking the time to come here and update us on how it’s working. That is great! If any dog puts a bed to the test it’s Hannah, we’re so glad to hear that it’s still comfy as ever.

    And thanks for the encouragement to have folks shop from here. You are a Tripawds Hero! xoxo

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