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Win a Free Copy of The True Story of Nubs – a Mutt, a Marine and a Miracle

Did you ever see this Tripawds News post about Nubs: The True Story of a Mutt, a Marine & a Miracle“? If not, now’s your chance to read about the connection between our fearless leader Jerry, and Nubs, a brave Iraq war dog. Today, you can buy a beautiful children’s book that shares Nubs’ miraculous story of survival and adoption.

The Story of Nubs is a sweet tale that will put a tear in your eye and a smile on your face. We received a review copy, and loved this unforgettable story. It’s a kids book, but the colorful photos and graphics make the story an entertaining read for pawrents too.

Win a Free Copy of “Nubs”

We have a free copy that we want to give away to one lucky Tripawds member. Just comment below and tell us why your Tripawd is your hero. We’ll put all entries into a hat, and Wyatt Ray will pull one out to pick a winner. Contest Deadline is: one week from today, Thursday May 9th at midnight (Pacific Time).

All stories will be featured in our Tripawds News Blog!

The Story of Nubs

Wild packs of dogs roam everywhere in the dangerous deserts of Iraq, living short, brutal lives. But one special dog found refuge with a lonely soldier named Major Brian Dennis.

Nubs didn’t care about the military’s “no pets” rule. He stuck around, and showed this soldier and all who encountered him that love, faithfulness and companionship will always prevail, even during wartime.

When Major Dennis’ troops had to move over 70 miles away and the military gave strict orders to get rid of Nubs, our four legged hero ignored that command. This amazing dog set out in freezing cold weather and dangerous wartime conditions to find his brokenhearted best friend.

Check out Nubs’ adorable free downloadable postcards and coloring sheet.

Get a copy of Nubs: The True Story of a Mutt, a Marine & a Miracle for a great gift for any dog lover in your life, and remember . . .

Remember, every purchase made through this link helps support the Tripawds community!

7 thoughts on “Win a Free Copy of The True Story of Nubs – a Mutt, a Marine and a Miracle”

  1. Honey is missing her left rear leg yet she is the feistiest and most agile of all the cat’s I’ve ever had. She is super confident and happy to take on the world!

    hngt ffhfvnc.6t/;pl;.5

    That was her 3 cents by walking on my keyboard.

  2. My tripawd is my hero! He got is foot in a trap and his foot died. He was rescued from a shelter by For the Love of Labs. Upon amputation of his leg, we found out that he had also been shot. He is my hero because he still showed love to all that cared for him when his foot was dead and his bones in his ankle showing. He is still showing his love for all today.

  3. Boycie, is now 5 weeks post amputation and inspires me with every new day. I was the one in years when he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma and told he would lose a leg. I was the one word sick about whether I was doing the right thing. I was the one scared of the”c” word and the thought of chemotherapy. Boycie just takes everyday with a hop and despite everything he has been through wags his tail and barks. My dog, my hero

  4. Sassy, is my hero because in our journey to become a Tripawd she has over come every odd given her. The vets said she was a good candidate but not sure if her 3 legs would support her 138 pounds. From the moment she woke up she proved them wrong. She got up and hopped out to pee & wanted to keep going to come home. When we were diagnosed with lung mets they said she may have 6 weeks so far we are 2 months into this journey. We are continuing to fight. This is why Sassy is my hero.

  5. Just want to acknowledge all the HEROES who have crossed over the bridge because THEY BEAT CANCER!!

    “It” may have taken their physical body, but “it” could not touch their spirit….could not touch the legacy of love, the legacy of joy, the legacy of courage….all of them still LIVE in our hearts and in our memories. Their spirits are whole and healthy and eternally vibrant.

    Their hearts beat with every beat of our hearts. Their lives have a meaning and a purpose that will touch others infinitely. Our lives, our journeys are better in everyway because of the courageous grace of those whose presence made our paths easier.

    Thank you for sharing your eternal light,

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  6. Our new little(80#) tripawd is amazing. Even though he has a few challenges with his first few days of recovery, he never lost his gentle, sweet spirit. He always has a tail wagging way of showing you he loves you even when he doesn’t understand what’s going on.

  7. Wooohooo we have a winner…..Don, the book is yours! We’ll be contacting you for your snail mail addy. Thanks for entering the contest everyone, there will be more!

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