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What About Wally Teaches Co-Parenting Strategies After a Breakup

This pet-centric book isn’t specific to Tripawds, but we think What About Wally? could come in handy for a lot of members.

Co-Parenting with Your Ex

Have you ever fought with your ex over custody of your dog or cat? You’re not alone. Pet custody cases are increasing around the country and becoming more common all the time. Attorney David Pisarra, author of What About Wally? Co-Parenting a Pet with Your Ex, knows firsthand about pet custody disputes. Cases have risen as much as 15 percent in his practice over the last five years, and he says he’s his own best example.

Pisarra shares custody of his dog Dudley, a longhaired standard black-and-tan dachshund, with his ex, who has remarried and introduced a step-dog to Dudley. Using his own life story as a backdrop, he shares his experience of sharing a dog in What About Wally? and how it helped bring closure and healed the hurt of a broken heart.

Co-authored with pet consultant Steven May, who also endured his own pet custody dispute, the two dog dads teamed up to write What About Wally?. In this book the authors explain the current legal status of “pets as property” and teach the vital principles of co-parenting, mutual respect and the value of a clear parenting plan. Practical legal advice and thoughtful dog behavior guidance sit alongside heartwarming real life stories and personal anecdotes from the authors own experiences in co-parenting a pet with their ex’s.

Sharing a dog can be a very rewarding experience, and often it is the first major step a couple takes towards parenting. People bond to each other by getting a puppy. When the relationship changes, the shared love of a dog can heal the hurt. Changes in a romantic relationship are painful, but they do not effect the love that each person has for the dog. What About Wally? is not just a how-to guide on shared pet parenting, but a tool to help mend a broken heart.

Combining the life experiences of a divorce lawyer and a pet expert, Pisarro and May can help you learn to share a dog effectively with your soon-to-be-ex.

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