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My Animal, My Self Explores Pet-Parent Relationships

Are your animals a reflection of what is happening in your own life?

A fascinating new book, My Animal, My Self: A Breakthrough Way to Understand How You and Your Animal Reflect Each Other, by animal communicator Marta Williams, brings into focused an unexamined dynamic in our relationships with our animals – the idea that our animals are often our mirrors.

The premise of the book is that our animals are deeply and inextricably connected to us on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, and can pick up and reflect back to us the issues and events of our lives. For example, an animal could mimic or mirror the back pain or emotional anxiety exhibited by their human. There can be many components to the process of mirroring, but ultimately an animal does this out of love, as a way to help the person heal.

We recently received a review copy of this book and found it to be invaluable in teaching us how our relationship and behavior with Tripawds Spokespup Wyatt Ray Dawg is a direct reflection of what’s happening in our own complicated human world. Later we’ll share how it’s changing our family dynamic, but for now, here is an article that shares Martha’s insight into her latest book and how all pet parents can benefit from it.

A New Way of Understanding Yourself and Your Animals

By Marta Williams, author

Our animals can reflect our thoughts, feelings, physical maladies and even the significant issues we are dealing with in our lives. A common example of this is a dog who acts hyper and aggressive around other dogs when with the owner, but is calm and friendly when handled by a calm and confident trainer. It’s easy to see that in that situation the dog is picking up and reflecting the owner’s fears that the dog will be aggressive, and conversely, the trainer’s confidence that the dog can be calm and have fun with other dogs.

It’s not so easy to observe and detect mirroring going on between you and your own animal; you really have to look for it, and it isn’t usually as straightforward as the example above. I discovered the dynamic of mirroring between people and animals through doing animal communication consultations for clients over many years. In these consultations I connect mentally and emotionally with the animal, using intuitive abilities. It became apparent that often fact, it seemed the animal was doing everything possible – acting out, getting ill, and etc., — to show the person what needed changing and what was standing in the way of health and happiness for them both.

Here’s an example: A woman called about her cat Lily who was refusing to use the cat box. When I connected intuitively with Lily about the cat box, I started to get information instead about the woman’s husband. Every time I tried to turn the (intuitive) conversation back to the cat box, Lily would show me something else that was going wrong in the household and how the husband needed to change. Finally, I gave up and told my client what I was getting from Lily. My client said that indeed there were problems in the household, and that everything Lily conveyed to me was accurate. At that point, I focused my suggestions, not on the cat box issue, but on how to change the dynamic in the household and address the issues Lily felt were important. A few months later I got an email from my client saying that everything had shifted; Lily and the husband were doing better, my client and her husband had an improved relationship, and Lily was using the cat box again. What began as a housekeeping problem turned into a life-changing journey for this couple and their cat.

Animals just do this for us. The difference between humans and animals is that animals don’t normally shut off their heart like humans do and they are always connected to us emotionally. Through mirroring, our animals strive to show what they sense that is out of balance. Sometimes they will even take on our emotional or physical issues to show us what is wrong, or in an attempt to help take our pain away. Animals show us how we really feel and think inside because they can read our minds and our feelings. They will do everything they can to help us heal and teach us how to live in the moment and be content. That is who they are.

In My Animal, My Self you will learn how to tell if your animal is mirroring you on some level. There is an extensive questionnaire for you to fill out, and by the time you work through it you will have a very good idea of the mirroring going on for you and your animal. You can use the questionnaire to analyze all the animals in your life, including animals from the past. Once you see the mirroring, you will see the gifts your animals bring to you – the healing and teaching they offer.

Sometimes animals will act in ways that force us to grow and change. This too is a form of mirroring because they are showing us our weaknesses. This happened with one of my clients who had a sick horse. Everyone was pressuring to put him down, but that small still voice inside her was saying no. I also felt he was not ready to go. Against all the pressure from veterinarians, horse bodyworkers, the stable owners and the haulers, she hung in with her horse and finally discovered that his problem was a bad hoof trim not crippling arthritis. He is still alive and well, and because of him she learned how to listen to her inner guide and stand her ground.

Our animals are some of the most important beings in our lives. It is clear to many animal lovers that their animals came to them for a reason and people are keenly aware of how their animals have helped them through some of their hardest moments in life. This is why it can be so difficult to lose an animal in your life, often harder than losing a friend or relative. Our animals change our lives, usually for the better. By learning how to detect mirroring between you and your animal, you can return the assistance and help them. My Animal, My Self gives detailed techniques for addressing any mirroring you discover that you feel is negative or not optimal. By employing these techniques you can make both you and your animal happier and healthier, and you will discover a depth to your relationship that you never suspected or imagined.

Mirroring between animals and people is virtually invisible, and as a consequence has been overlooked in the literature and even in popular culture. Through this book you will come to see and understand your animal in a totally new way.

Based on the book My Animal, My Self. Copyright 2013 by Marta Williams. Reprinted with permission from New World Library.

5 thoughts on “My Animal, My Self Explores Pet-Parent Relationships”

  1. WOW…I am just seeing this blog now as you put it on the facebook page. How awesome and I do truly believe this as well. In fact, I have had a session with Marta Williams many years ago! She was facinating and dead on with her reading she did on Haley.

    Need to check out this book…


  2. Hey Tracy, that’s so cool you met with Marta. I love how all the cool doggie people seem to cross paths with you, it says a lot about who you are…..pawesome!

    Yeah, it’s a cool book. I gave Martha of the Oaktown Pack my copy to pass along to others when she’s done with it, you can PM her and see if she still has it.

    But really, if our dogs are reflections of ourselves, what on earth does that say about me and Wyatt? Eeek!

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