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Big Dog Strollers from Pet Gear Help Tripawds Get Out, Around

Bike and walking strollers for small dogs and cats are common; it’s far more challenging to find a stroller for a large Tripawd. But one company we love has the answer.

Pet Gear Strollers for Big Tripawds

Pet Gear makes durable, long lasting gear for all sizes of dogs but we especially love how they manufacture gear for large and giant breed pups. We purchased one of their heavy-duty travel crates for Wyatt Ray and four years later it’s held up extremely well.

We just learned that Pet Gear has these two dog stroller options for larger Tripawds. When it comes to weight limits, keep in mind that although all strollers have certain weight capacities, that doesn’t necessarily mean their design is be comfortable enough for all breeds. A stout 80-pound German Shepherd is structured very differently than a tall and lean 80-pound Greyhound. Some experimentation may be needed to find the right dog stroller for your pup.

If you try one of these, let us know what you think!

Pet Gear Expedition Pet Stroller for cats and dogs up to 150-pounds

  • Large protective pet compartment
  • Adjustable height handle
  • Internal pad with waterproof tray
  • Easy fold mechanism
  • Adjustable stroller height to handle, from 40.25 Inches to 42 Inches

Here are some reviews to consider:

“I was a little hesitant about this product after reading the reviews, however I love love love it. I have a 68 pound German Shepherd with early stage degenerative myelopathy, she can walk a little but not much. We walk to work everyday and it is about .5 – .75 miles uphill. We travel on concrete and pavement and it ride smoothly; sometimes when we go on walks on the weekends she even sleeps in it. I do recommend this model with 4-wheels as opposed to the other similar 3-wheel product because it is stable. Unlike other reviews I do find the product to be easy to break down( a bit cumbersome and the handle separates and can be a pain, but it fits just fine folded down in the back of my midsized SUV) . I break it down everyday and use it everyday so far its only been a few weeks but it seems to be solid and hopefully long lasting. The only downsides are it is big and bulky and takes some practice fitting through doors, plus it is, even broken down a bit bulky. Highly recommend. ”

“my dog has severe arthritis and can only walk so much…when she is tired she climbs into her stroller and enjoys the ride with our younger , healthy dog…money well spent! It had a squeaky wheel sound that was very annoying, but after placing a soft pillow inside it disappeared…our dog is very heavy more than 110 lbs”

Pet Gear Jogger Stroller for Pets Up to 70-Pounds

  • Front wheel is fixed and swivels; quick lock brakes
  • Ergonomic handle with easy one-hand fold mechanism; safety tether and internal fleece pad
  • Parent tray with cup holder; stroller height to handle 41-1/2-inch
  • Top and front mesh windows for ventilation; front and rear entry
  • Suitable for pets up to 70-pounds

Check out the Pet Gear stroller reviews on Amazon. Most people say that although this stroller can fit a 70-pound dog, it seems small for a dog that size. Here are some review highlights:

“I originally decided to purchase this Jogger Stroller because of the weight capacity that it can carry. I figured that my 13 year old (30 lb.) Cocker Spaniel would have plenty of “extra” room which would allow him to stretch out and be extremely comfortable. I was wrong. He takes up almost the whole length of the stroller when lying down and he definitely can not lay on his side. I really don’t see how a 70 lb. dog can fit in it and be comfortable. . . . That being said, I am very happy with the Jogger Stroller’s quality. “

“Purchased this stroller in July 2012, now April 2013. Don’t know what I’d do without it! Our littermate sisters don’t like going anywhere without each other, so I now even use this to transport them in and out of the Vets! Makes it so much easier for me. Love the ride and the tires are holding up great. So easy to put up and take down. It does take up a lot of room in a small trunk, but gives my pups lots of room. This is a keeper!!”

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