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Prepare Your Pet for a Major Operation

Today we’re proud to present a guest blog post written just for the Tripawds Nation, by world-renowned pet psychic and animal communicator Gail Thackray. She is the author of “How to Talk to Your Pets: Animal Communication for Dogs, Cats, & Other Critters” — a must-read for every animal lover who wants better communications with animals:

“Animal communicator Gail Thackray believes that everyone can learn to talk to their pets. Gail leads you through specific exercises to develop this skill and guides you step-by-step to connect and communicate. You’ll learn the most voiced “pet peeves,” solutions to common behavioral issues, and how to know what your animal wants. Gail teaches you how to perform energy healings, do body scans for health, and how to connect to lost pets. With Gail’s down-to-earth style and hilariously funny stories, you’ll get a firsthand look at how animal communication works and just how cute these critters really are.”

Here are Gail’s tips for preparing our animals, as well as ourselves, for surgery.

Gail Thackray

“Our animals are communicating with us all the time whether we realize it or not. They hear everything we say, we just have a harder time hearing them back. In fact not only do they hear but it is more accurate to say they sense. You see they pick up on our thoughts and our feelings more so than our words. So we can say something out loud but really be thinking something else and it is what we are really thinking that they pick up on.

They love you to talk to them and be clear with them. It can be very confusing when they pick up little bits and pieces. When your thoughts are scattered and you have mixed feelings. Perhaps if they have a major operation coming up, you are thinking about it, what will happen to them and perhaps you have some fearful thoughts. Imagine they are getting all of this. And you don’t even have to be in the same room as them, they hear your thoughts even when you are at work.

Animals See Our Visions, Hear Our Thoughts

So the best thing to do is slate out some quiet time just to talk to them. Talk straight about what you know and what are your fears (you cannot hide anything anyway). Whether you say this out loud or think it doesn’t really matter. They see the visions you have and feel and hear your thoughts.

Find time together in a place where you will not be disturbed. You need to get yourself in tat relaxed, peaceful, almost meditative state. Perhaps you could sit in the garden or when you just wake up and they are by your bed. Taking a walk with your pet works just as well as sitting meditating.

Imagine connecting to your pet through love. Think about sending love to them through your heart chakra the spiritual center of your chest and receiving it back from theirs. Now talk to them gently through your thoughts. Thinking and visualizing to explain what is happening. Then allow their thoughts to drift back to you.

Don’t question your thoughts but just allow the first thing that comes to mind. It could come as a vision a feeling or a thought that pops into your head or all of those.Tell them through your thoughts by visualizing what is going to happen as far as you know. Try to emphasis your thoughts on the operation being easy and successful. Try to think positive and visualize a wonderful outcome. The more you can do this with them the more calm and reassured they will feel. Visualize a quick and easy recovery. This works for people too!

Our Health is Connected

They do see the future and they do understand what is happening and what they need for their healing. They know and understand that they have, for some reason on a higher level, chosen to have this experience. Your stress and worry is usually what they are more concerned about. “Mom is very worried about it, tell her I’ll be fine.” “Dad has a lot of fear.” are things that I hear. They actually want to reassure the owners!

Now another thing to consider is why is this area of the body affected? Our pets are very connected to our energy and often when I do readings on an animal’s health they show me something in their owner’s health. They want you to be healed too. Because you are so energetically connected the area of the animal’s body may be an area that you are having difficulty in your life. When you do healing on yourself it actually helps their healing.

For instance their back legs resonate with your legs. Their front legs with your arms. Their eyes with your eyes etc. So if their issue is their back left leg then look at your left leg. It may be something physically out of balance with your body that needs addressing but it could also be energetically. Your left leg is about movement in a physical way, difficulty moving from a job you dislike. Your right leg more emotional or spiritual. Difficulty moving on from a relationship or feeling like you don’t have a purpose in life. Your arms not taking care of yourself, always yielding to others and not talking for yourself.

When you talk to your pet ask if they can show you in your life where you need some healing. Sending love and light to this area of your life, addressing negative feelings you’ve held onto and releasing is not only a tremendous healing for you but also your pet. During your pets operation and in the recovery, pay attention to yourself and give yourself the healing you need and this you will find is probably the most valuable way you can speed your pet’s recovery.”

In addition to being the author of “How to Talk to Your Pets: Animal Communication for Dogs, Cats, & Other Critters,” Gail teaches Animal communication workshops and also performs distant healings for animals. Her life changed at age forty when she discovered she was a medium and able to talk to spirits on the other side. Helping others connect to Source and to develop their own natural psychic abilities is her passion. Read more about her healing and communication work at

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