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Dating Do-Over by Cathy Spencer a Great Read Tripawd Parents Will Love

When a Tripawd dog or cat stars in a book, movie or song, we’ll gladly help spread some three-legged goodwill. That’s why today we think you should know about Cathy Spencer’s newest book, “The Dating Do-Over.”

Dumped, Dating and Dogs Make a Fun Read

Here’s what Cathy’s book summary on Amazon says about this fun fictional story:

Toronto school teacher Viv Nowak has a sympathetic heart and abominable taste in men. She expects an engagement ring when her live-in lover of six years lands a terrific new job in Vancouver. Instead, she gets dumped . . . on Valentine’s Day! Everyone, from her best friends to her father to her estranged mother, has an opinion on how she should fix her life. Her friends even insist on a dating do-over. But will they like her choice when she finally decides what her heart wants?

In this fast-paced, sweetly composed tale of dating in the modern world, Viv meets Tom, a compassionate animal lover who helps save a stray dog named Bruno who gets hit by a car and loses his leg. The resulting three-legged love story is a read that every Tripawd pawrent and animal lover will enjoy.

We especially appreciate how Cathy wrote to us before publication to learn about amputation recovery in dogs, and the great care and accuracy she used in detailing Bruno’s recovery as well as human perceptions of a three-legged dog:

It was six by the time they arrived at the vet’s. Stacy nodded to them and let them through the door into the back hallway, where they walked to the recovery area. Thiago, the technician, had Bruno out of his cage. The dog was wearing a plastic cone around his head, plus a harness. The bandage was off, and Viv could see the stitches running from the top of Bruno’s shoulder to half-way down his side. Bruno was limping on his three remaining legs, and Viv’s heart contracted with pity.

“Hi, Bruno. How’re you feeling today?” Tom said from the doorway. The dog turned, yipped, and hobbled over to him, his tail pumping. Tom squatted and laughed when the dog butted him with the plastic cone instead of licking his face. “That to keep him from biting at his stitches?”

“Exactly.” Thiago smiled. “He’s doing much better today. Dr. Lane cut back his pain meds, so he’s a lot more energetic, aren’t you, boy?”

Cathy even thanked the Tripawds Nation in the book, so please join us in a big “THREE PAWS UP!” for a great novel! We hope you’ll buy a copy here and spread the word about this fantastic novel.

About the Author

Author Cathy Spencer

Award-winning author Cathy Spencer is married to a singer/actor/ teacher. He didn’t actually say “marry me and see Canada” when he proposed, but that’s practically what happened. They have lived on the west coast in Vancouver, on the east coast in St. John’s, in Calgary, and are currently living in Ontario.

Cathy writes both romance and mystery novels. Framed for Murder, winner of the 2014 Bony Blithe Mystery Award, is the first in the Anna Nolan series, a cozy mystery with an amateur sleuth set in the Rocky Mountain Foothills of Alberta. The second novel, Town Haunts, takes place at Halloween, while the third, Tidings of Murder and Woe, will be released in time for Christmas 2014. Aside from the mystery series and The Dating Do-Over, Cathy has written a regency romance entitled The Affairs of Harriet Walters, Spinster, as well as two short story collections, Tall Tales Twin-Pack, Mysteries and Tall Tales Twin-Pack, Science Fiction and Fantasy. Connect with Cathy at her website:


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