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Get Holistic Pet Care Health Help with Dr. Morgan’s Nutrition, Diet and Treatment Tips

If you’re a Tripawds member, you’re probably looking for information about healthy dog and cat foods and other ways to keep your pet healthy and strong. We aim to please, so here is a great new resource we think you should examine:

From Needles to Natural: Learning Holistic Pet Healing

This guide to holistic pet care is written for the layperson like you and me, by Dr. Judy Morgan, DVM, VVA, CVCP, CVFT, of Clayton Veterinary Associates. Here’s why you need this book:

After using traditional Western veterinary medicine to treat her animal patients for many years, Dr. Judy Morgan discovered a better way to help them live longer, healthier lives.

Get Started Learning About Holistic Pet Care

In From Needles to Natural she shares her journey from traditional to holistic veterinary medicine and helps pet owners understand the differences between good advertising and good health for their animal friends. With more than thirty years of experience as a practicing veterinarian, Morgan blends her personal story as a lifelong animal lover with this collection of professional opinions about animals and animal care.

The book covers a variety of topics including:

  • pet nutrition and food therapy
  • pet food labels
  • veterinary chiropractic care
  • acupuncture
  • understanding the array of vaccines and medications.

Morgan, who has produced a full webinar series on YouTube, discusses alternative and supplemental treatments for pet illnesses. Here’s her first webinar video, “Reading Pet Food Labels.”

While narrating heartwarming tales of the pets she’s treated, Morgan dispels the myths about effective pet care and teaches pet owners the benefits of feeding and treating an animal holistically.

Cook Healthy Dog Food with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Dr. Morgan also co-authored another helpful holistic pet care book about home cooking for pets that recently hit shelves, “What’s For Dinner, Dexter?: Cooking For Your Dog Using Chinese Medicine Theory.

Home cooking for your dog can be fun and easy. By using Chinese Medicine theory, you can keep your pet healthy using fresh, wholesome food ingredients. Learn to use food as medicine by following the simple guidelines in What’s For Dinner, Dexter? Over 50 main dishes for your dog, some travel meals and snacks.

We haven’t read these books yet but they sure look fantastic. If you check ’em out before we do, drop us a line below and let us know what you thought.

3 thoughts on “Get Holistic Pet Care Health Help with Dr. Morgan’s Nutrition, Diet and Treatment Tips”

  1. Wonderful books! I have been a follower of Dr. Morgan’s for sometime and her first book inspired me to approach her to co-write What’s For Dinner, Dexter? with me. Thanks for the post. 🙂

  2. I have read her “From Needles to Naturals…” book. I couldn’t put it down, it was both informative and enthralling. I love how she mixes her personal journey and experiences while teaching us what is good for our fur-babies.

    I have watched many of her webinars and also follow her Dr. Judy Morgan DVM Facebook page. You will find a wealth of information there.

    I am waiting for her “What’s for Dinner Dexter” book to come out for Kindle.

  3. So happy to see these two books and Dr. Morgan highlighted on your page! I have both books and use them extensively. Her advice has truly made a big difference in the health of my dogs and the choices I make for them.

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