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How Pheromone Anti-Anxiety Therapy Helps New Tripawd Cats, Dogs

Few situations in a cat or dog’s life are as stressful as amputation surgery, recovery and learning to get around on three legs. It’s not uncommon for some animals to show signs of stress after amputation surgery, like urinating outside the litter box, displaying anxious behavior in familiar situations and more. It might be tempting to ask your vet for a sedative or even Prozac, but why not try an all-natural anxiety remedy first, like the Feliway Diffuser.

Feliway Pheromones Help Progo’s Recovery

We learned about Feliway Diffusers when Progo, a 16-year old cat and brand new Tripawd, was having litterbox woes. He refused to use the box so his people reached for an all-natural stress remedy: pheromones!

feliway pheromone therapy cats

Just to update, for others who might be in the same spot, we got a Feliway diffuser and some “calming treats” (which he took well for about a week, then started refusing). He has been confining his peeing to the bathroom, where the litterbox is, since starting the Feliway (whether coincidence or not), but until yesterday it was on the floor. I put down “pee pads” and he would pee on them. Yesterday and once today, though, he actually peed in the litterbox for the first time since surgery. Hoping this might continue…

How Pheromones Can Ease Animal Stress

So what is this invisible thing called “Pheromones”? According to Feliway, “Pheromones are chemical signals which are widely used for animal communication. When emitted by one individual, pheromones are then detected by other individuals from the same species.  The messages conveyed by the pheromones affect behavior.

Here’s a great video by Feliway that explains how pheromone therapy can make life better for stressed cats:

Pheromone therapy comes in all sorts of varieties, like diffusers you plug in:

You can also buy pheromone collars:

and of course, dogs can also benefit with the same type of pheromone therapy, only it’s known as “D.A.P. (Dog Appeasing Pheromones). Calming dog pheromones come as wall diffusers:

and calming collars too:

The science behind pheromones is impressive. Time Magazine discusses it in a great article called “Kitty Prozac: Can Synthetic Pheromones Calm Your Pet?”

Many veterinarians have embraced synthetic pheromones, recommending them for use at home as well as in cat carriers. The success of these products has cut down on expensive sessions with animal behaviorists. “We’re seeing far less of the common behavior problems such as urine spraying than we saw 10 or 15 years ago,” says Gary Landsberg, a leading veterinary behaviorist in Toronto. Instead, he adds, “we’re seeing much more difficult, pathologically anxious, phobic or compulsive animals.” In those cases, he often recommends pheromones, along with psychotropic medication and behavior therapy.

Like any behavior therapy, what works for one animal may not work for another. Treating anxiety and stress takes patience and time to see what will make the best impact so you new Tripawd can lead a happy, healthy life. If one type of holistic anxiety remedy doesn’t work like you thought it would, try another. Odds are pretty good there is a product out there that can ease your dog or cat’s transition to life on three legs.

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