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Teach Your Tripawd to Ride in a Pet Wagon

All Tripawd cats dogs need outdoor adventures. But for dogs, keeping up with the rest of the pack can be a challenge. That’s when this collapsible ATV pet wagon comes in handy!

collapsible pet wagon
This off-road pet wagon holds up to 150 pounds!

Tripawds Keep Up with Off-Road Collapsible Pet Wagon

One of the biggest questions new Tripawd dog parents ask is: “How long should my Tripawd walk?” The answer depends on many factors, like the dog’s age and existing health condition. But generally speaking, rehab vets tell us:

♦  Go on shorter, more frequent walks throughout the day.
When fully recovered, a Tripawd’s walk should be no more than 15 or 20 minutes, maximum.

Of course we all want our Tripawds to come along on our adventures that take longer than 20 minutes. In the city, a pet stroller is a logical choice. Tripawd pet strollers are available for all sizes of pets from small to large. But there is a downside: the pet strollers we’ve discovered aren’t easy to use on dirt and sand.

When you want to hit the beach or hike the mountains, this off-road collapsible pet wagon can do the trick! Make your walk to the location easy peasy for your Tripawd hero. When you get there, that’s when the fun begins!

Mac Sports Heavy Duty Collapsible All-Terrain Pet Wagon Beach Cart

  • ROOMY INTERIOR – large capacity wagon, outer dimensions: approx. 36.2″ x 21.4″ x 24.59″ and sets up in seconds – no assembly required!
  • CONVENIENT COMPACT STORAGE – wagon folds to only 10″ thick! folded size approx. 31.48″ x 21.4″ x 9.64″ and includes a carry case.
  • LIGHTEN THE LOAD – The heavy duty frame allows loads up to 150 lbs., and the durable 600D fabric can be easily cleaned.
  • FUNCTIONAL FEATURES – include an adjustable handle for effortless transport, 2 mesh cup holders by the handle to keep your beverages secure, and a fold out table for drinks and food.
  • EASY TRANSPORT – perfect for hauling gear to outdoor sporting events, concerts, trips to the park or beach and great for use around the house.

A pet wagon can keep the pack’s adventures going. Just ask Henry’s Mom! She purchased one for her family’s annual beach reunion last fall.

“Henry loved the beach! And he didn’t hate the cart. Tomorrow we will go again!”

How Train Your Tripawd to Use a Stroller or Wagon

collapsible pet wagon
With thanks to Ellie and Henry for this endorsement!

The first time out, don’t expect your Tripawd to jump into the collapsible pet wagon and say “Let’s roll!” Many dogs are apprehensive about riding in one — at first. In the excellent VetStreet article “Teach Your Dog to Ride in a Stroller” by Fear Free™ trainer Mikkel Becker, she advises pet parents to introduce pet strollers slowly.

Introduce the stroller at home. Bring the stroller into your house or backyard, someplace with minimal distractions; secure the wheels so that they won’t move. Either pick your dog up and place him in the stroller or lure him in with a treat.

Make sure your dog is secure. When you take your dog out in a stroller, make sure he is appropriately secured, to prevent him from running away if he falls or jumps out of the stroller.

Start out slowly. Some dogs may be nervous when the stroller starts to move. For this reason, only push or pull your pooch a few inches to start, and reward him with praise and treats for remaining calm.

Take your pooch on the road. Once your dog has mastered riding calmly in a minimal distraction environment, move on to places with more distractions. Start small: Visit your front yard or take a stroll around your neighborhood.”

Read it All: “Teach Your Dog to Ride in a Stroller

8 thoughts on “Teach Your Tripawd to Ride in a Pet Wagon”

  1. why can’t they make a wagon that the rear opens (drop down) so the dog can climb in by himself???

  2. How do you get your dog into the wagon if you cannot lift her in. My basset is 67 lbs. I cannot lift her in and out. Does it have a ramp? She has lost mobility in her back legs so looking for something I can help her into but I need to ensure it has a ramp or something to get her in.

  3. Sorry we bought this wagon we searched
    for the best mobility cart on the beach for
    our 32lb Welsh Corgi to get a ride when
    she gets tired. This wagon failed us the first time we used it at the beach with only
    only our Corgi in it .. sure enough it tilted
    over dumping our dog to the ground. Same thing happened a few days later. Wish we never had bought this wagon it’s useless .

  4. Oh Annegret, sorry to hear this, we hope your dog is OK. Not sure what happened, we personally know the dog parent featured in this story and she loved it for her Golden. Thanks for sharing.

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